Kulbak’s Belarus (1)

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Kulbak's Belarus (1)

Kulbak’s Belarus (1)

Moyshe Kulbak (1896-1937) was one of the most innovative and original Yiddish writers in the interwar era of literary modernism. Among his many achievements in both prose narrative and lyric poetry is the ballad sequence Raysn (an archaic Yiddish name for his native territory of Belarus), published while he was living in Berlin in 1922. The poem defies many expectations for Yiddish literature: it is set in the countryside rather than the shtetl; its Jewish protagonists are a family of farmers rather than Torah scholars or artisans; there are few references to traditional religious culture; the pivotal incident of a Jewish man’s love affair with a non-Jewish woman is passed over seemingly without moral opprobrium from the author. It is as if Kulbak were simultaneously writing a pseudo-autobiography of himself and his family, while re-imagining a national epic for Belarus written in Yiddish and centered on Belarussian Jews.



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